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Lessons from a Turkey

We just wrapped up the holiday season and with the holidays comes an important family tradition for which I am now responsible: Roasting.The.Turkey.

My mastery took time. Experience has made my turkey roasting skills better and better. Each year I have more confidence in my ability to recognize when the turkey is done, if the temperature is correct in the oven, if I have over or under seasoned the meat. My first few years I didn’t have any of that. The day of roasting would come and I would review the recipe like it was the first time I had seen it, re-reading it multiple times to make sure I didn’t make an error that would ruin the center of our holiday meals.

Five years in I didn’t have to look at the recipe anymore. Now, two decades later, I have the knowledge and ability to try new flavors and cooking techniques, knowing that I have years of experience – both good and bad – under my belt. With that experience comes confidence – in myself and from those that are enjoying the turkey I prepared for them with hard won expertise.

An Experienced Approach to End of Life Planning
This analogy applies just as effectively to other professional contributions. We can all attempt new things and work at them, year after year, to become experts. It is what sets ELDR apart from the frustrating experience so many people report when they go it alone to manage the conclusion of a lifetime. ELDR partners with trained, experienced end of life designers who bring their years of education and experience to the end of life planning process with a client. A process which, hopefully, the client has not experienced much, or if so, only one or two times with close loved ones.

We can’t be experts on everything. And we shouldn’t be. We rely on experts to take care of the things we need in that area – end of life planning, car maintenance, health care, or bill management. And that expertise allows us to have more time and energy to focus on the things that are most important to us.

As we age we more commonly look to services and organizations to support our daily needs, and that is why we love SilverBills. SilverBills offers concierge service and bill management to their clients who are aging with the recognition that they need the specialized support to complete the bill review and payment process for them.

SilverBills allows families, individuals, and professionals to lighten their load and worry less about their bill management and the bill management of their loved ones. By relying on a trusted expert organization like SilverBills, families can feel confident that their loved one is even better supported than if they were doing the bill management themselves.

Time and energy are not endless resources. Prioritize them this year by putting your trust in those that are experts in their field and can support you as you need it. Find out which ELDR is best suited for your unique needs by completing the ELDR Matching Form here.

By: Will Craig / ELDR

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