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How A Bill Paying Service Company Can Help Seniors

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Paying bills on time is a common dilemma for seniors. Another issue is spotting mistakes in bills. So if a senior member of your family is having a problem with bill paying, then you may want to consider hiring a professional company to help, much like you may do for tax preparation.

One solution to this a bill paying service. And to learn more about this, we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to discuss how a bill paying service company can help seniors with their financial obligations.

Bill Paying Service Defined

In essence, bill paying and daily money management services assist senior clients in paying the bills, looking for errors and fraud, and budgeting money. These services are usually offered by a bill paying service company such as SilverBills to help senior individuals address these often overwhelming responsibilities

Paying the bills is important. And Silver Bills is here to help because:

  • Seniors may find it difficult to deal with paperwork and feel overwhelmed
  • They may have trouble managing their finances
  • They may be unable to properly balance their checkbooks
  • They may suffer from poor eyesight or other ailments due to aging which might hinder them from doing these tasks
  • The may be uncomfortable using the computer and other technological devices.
  • They may want to spend quality time with their family during visits instead of writing checks

How Can SilverBills Benefit Your Elderly Loved Ones?

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A bill paying service like SilverBills is very proficient at providing money management assistance to elders.

To get started with the service, an individual contacts the company. Then an enrollment agreement will be sent which may be signed by the senior or his or her power of attorney. After the form is completed, it is submitted to SilverBills along with the accumulated bills and a voided check from the bank account of the senior client.

Once the documents and bills are reviewed, the company will set up a billing system and appoint a dedicated customer service representative to assist the client. The bills will then be downloaded to the and stored in a secure portal. The bills are then reviewed for accuracy and if approved, the payments will be deducted from the client’s bank account.

SilverBills does not have access to their clients’ bank accounts, SilverBills has access to their debts:  what they owe their vendors.  SilverBills instructs the vendors to debit their approved payments from the bank account. Moreover, SilverBills checks for any errors in the bills and takes the necessary actions to rectify the issues on behalf of the client.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a bill paying service company like Silver Bills is the answer for seniors who are struggling with bill payment and financial management. Contact us for more information:   866 653 4427 or [email protected].

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