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Hello from SilverBills – Your Trusted Bill Paying Service for Seniors

A few years ago, I was visiting my elderly aunt in New York, and she told me that she had to drive to the car dealer to drop off her check. She said that she usually waited for her daughters to visit her from California to help her pay her bills.

My aunt’s problem and the problem faced by many thousands of aging Americans seemed small: how to keep up with paying bills on-time and correctly. However, the consequences of this problem are huge and often lead to dire outcomes: late fees, eviction, foreclosure and suspension of vital services like heat and hot water.

Helping Older Adults Pay Bills

The conversation with my aunt made me realize that if I could solve this problem, I had the potential to have a tremendous and fundamental impact on the lives of thousands of aging Americans whom the technology revolution has largely bypassed. At the time, I was an in-house attorney for a well-known real estate investment company. Having practiced law for more than 20 years, I was used to solving big problems for big companies.

Most elderly Americans want to age in their homes, but they need tools to do so safely and effectively. Often these tools are based on technology solutions that can be intimidating and foreign to this huge segment of the population. And many of these elderly Americans are receiving bills in the mail and writing checks to pay these bills.

The SilverBills Solution

I started SilverBills to solve this problem. SilverBills has developed the technology to help Americans age in their homes without the burden of paying bills. Since we launched our beta version, we have helped many, many elderly Americans and their families live in their homes without the stress and anxiety that often accompanies paying bills. The stroke victim who can no longer write easily. The recent widow whose husband used to take care of the bills. The daughter visiting her mother from the West Coast who would rather spend quality time with her mother than wade through unpaid bills. The Korean war veteran who is too proud to share with his children that he has forgotten to make some payments and needs help with this task.

I am now happy and proud to share that SilverBills has created the technology and infrastructure to help every person who requires our assistance. And we have a team trained and waiting to address the special needs of our oldest and most vulnerable Americans.

We can’t wait to help you and your family with the fundamental job of paying your monthly bills. Call us or email us and let’s get started: [email protected] or 866 653 4427.

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