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Financial Well-Being and Physical Health

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The SilverBills team has long known that there is a strong connection between financial well-being and physical health. In addition, there is abundant research backed evidence establishing a connection between poor financial health and poor physical health. Studies indicate that stress caused by poor financial health leads to a whole array of negative physical maladies. SilverBills is excited to announce that we will be included in one of the 3 largest national Medicare Advantage Plans for Plan Year 2023. We have worked collaboratively with our research partners at the University of Denver, Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging to produce research that now shows that working with SilverBills reduces financial stress and anxiety. And starting in 2023, Medicare Advantage members can realize an improvement in their health, because they can receive SilverBills services at a discount. We are looking forward to increasing the financial well-being and therefore the physical health of Medicare Advantage members around the country. Of course, individuals who are not participating in this particular Medicare Advantage plan can also receive SilverBills services. More details about the plan and specifics will be announced when legally permissible.

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