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Mother and daughter sitting on a bed leaning on eachother
The 3 Reasons Why Older Adults Usually Avoid Handling The Money Of Elderly Parents

Health crises, cognitive issues, and deteriorating physical well-being – these are some of the challenges a senior may experience as he or she...


Worried elderly woman speaking on the phone
How Cognitive Impairment Affects Senior Financial Management

Money management is an essential skill for individuals to maintain a good quality of life and to live independently. When an elderly individual...


Two elderly people looking at bills around a table
How A Bill Paying Service Company Can Help Seniors

Paying bills on time is a common dilemma for seniors. Another issue is spotting mistakes in bills. So if a senior member of your family is having a...


The Dangers of Informality

Recently, I learned that the mother of a girl scout in my daughter’s troop was convicted of stealing many thousands of dollars from an elderly man...


Help for the Stressed Caregiver

Last week’s New York Times article “Who Will Care for the Caregivers” was written by Dhruv Khullar who is a resident physician at...


The Hidden Caregiving Crisis That The Election Won’t Solve

The number of U.S. workers struggling to care for ill or aging loved ones is growing fast. But the support they need isn’t. One in five workers...


Senior Fraud Protection – Paying Bills Protect and Security

You may have seen the New York Times article, “The Lives and Lies of a Professional Impostor,” on February 4, 2016. The article describes many...


Hello from SilverBills – Your Trusted Bill Paying Service for Seniors

A few years ago, I was visiting my elderly aunt in New York, and she told me that she had to drive to the car dealer to drop off her check. She said...


Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to use a computer to benefit from SilverBills?

No: SilverBills was specifically designed to benefit individuals who do not have or want to use computers. However, if you use a computer and want to access your account, you will be able to do so at any time using the SilverBills secure portal. In addition, you may provide written authorization for third parties like adult children, accountants, and attorneys to access your information via the SilverBills portal.

Who do I call if I discover a problem or have a question?

Call SilverBills any time at: 866 653 4427 or email: [email protected] Once you have an Account Manager, you will receive direct contact information for him or her.

What if I would like to add new bills at some later date? How does this work?

Call SilverBills anytime at: 866 653 4427 or email: [email protected] SilverBills will obtain your authorization to add a new vendor. Again, after you have an Account Manager, you may provide this information to him or her directly.

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