Vlad Mangeym - Silverbills

Vlad Mangeym

As the Chief Technology Officer at SilverBills, Vlad is responsible for the vision, leadership, and implementation of SilverBills’ overall technology strategy. Among other things, that includes design and development of the technology roadmap — major technical initiatives that support strategic business programs, product roadmap and facilitate revenue growth; definition of standards, policies, procedures and metrics that are related to technology functions; ownership and decisions related to technical architecture; internal/external customer communication related to technology.

Vlad brings 20+ years of technology leadership in a wide array of industries for companies of different sizes. Most recently he was CTO at PrismHR, the leading software provider for PEOs and ASOs. He has extensive experience in design, development, and delivery of software products specializing in highly scalable, reliable and performant SaaS business applications. He received a BA in Information Technology from Excelsior College, and an MA in Information Technology from Harvard University.

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