Marci Lobel-Esrig - Silverbills

Marci Lobel-Esrig

“I was visiting my elderly aunt and she told me that she had to drive to the car dealer to drop off her monthly check. This conversation led me to start SilverBills.” 
—  Marci Lobel-Esrig, Founder, CEO & General Counsel

Marci founded SilverBills after witnessing the challenges faced by her elderly relative paying bills on time and correctly.

As an accomplished attorney adept at solving complex issues, Marci leads the team at SilverBills which successfully developed a technology solution to the problem of paying bills accurately.

Marci has been a practicing attorney for more than 20 years. For approximately 8 years until 2015, she was an in-house attorney for a well-known real estate investment company. Prior to her in-house position, she was an Associate at a major New York firm as well as a boutique land use and zoning firm. Marci received her J.D. from New York University School of Law and her B.A. degree Magna Cum Laude from Columbia College, Columbia University where she was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa.

In 2015, Marci launched SilverBills which allows her to combine the social mission of helping the elderly age with dignity and security with her years of professional expertise. SilverBills harnesses the power of technology to benefit clients. Instead of being inundated by bills, having to remember deadlines and write checks, clients are enjoying life without these stressors. SilverBills receives, scrutinizes, stores and ensures that clients’ bills are paid correctly. Clients don’t have to open envelopes, write checks or remember due dates.

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