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Jake Brill

Jake Brill recently left Facebook where he had worked since 2007 in various roles, most recently as a Product Manager. He was one of the first 150 employees at Facebook, where he led product teams in several areas, including security, online advertising, cyber bullying, and photos/videos. He has partnered with academics from institutions such as UC Berkeley, Yale, Pomona and Northeastern in publishing industry-leading research on online conflict resolution.

Jake is a graduate from Bowdoin College (2004, magna cum laude) with a dual degree in Psychology and Latin American Studies. He was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa and as a Sarah and James Bowdoin Scholar during his time at Bowdoin. Jake is the owner of 3 patents in social networking, with a number of others currently under review. In addition to his work with SilverBills, Jake is currently advising several other additional early-stage startups. Jake has published 4 albums with his band The Last Ambassadors, which you can listen to on Spotify and iTunes.

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